Business Support Services Vlog

Hi, I’m Joey Crum, President and CEO of Northern Industrial Training and today we want to talk about the actual functions and services that we offer through our business support services.

We’ve traveled to the Eastern Seabord, into Canada, all over the United States to work specifically with companies to improve their ability to communicate and train from within. What NIT can help do is develop training matrices, training programs and performance measures to actually help identify those that are really good at a task now but have the aptitude and the ability to move on and then most importantly we can help connect the skills training necessary to have them move into that next role.

Under that banner that include database creation, tracking, training logistics, internal training development and employee hierarchy. It could be you’re just moving across the bench, or it could be climbing the ladder.

We practice every day what it is that we preach. We promote from within, we train from within, so when we give suggestions to a company through our business support services, what we are doing isn’t new to us. It is what we learn, live and breathe every day. We are experienced and vetted in this and we can help your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about NIT’s business support services and what we can do to help improve your company, please call Pat Rose at 907-357-6400.

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