How To Become Better At Time Management

Every person has 24 hours a day. There is no magical way to stretch out time. So how is it possible that some workers are able to get far more accomplished than you in the same amount of time? It is all a matter of time management, which is a skill that has to be learned. Fortunately you can learn time management skills at any age and for any industry. Here are some tips to help you start managing your work days more efficiently. At Northern Industrial Training, LLC we also offer corporate level time management training courses.

Say No to Multi-Tasking

Behavioral science has proven that multi-tasking doesn’t work. In addition to hampering your concentration, you end up taking longer to complete tasks and your quality of work suffers. One area where most of us multi-task is on the computer. Here is how you can put a stop to spreading yourself too thin when doing computer work:

  • Rather than having several windows or tabs open at once, close down your email, separate work projects, and multiple web browsers so all you have open is what you are working on.
  • Stop receiving pings, instant alerts, and messages on your computer.
  • If you aren’t using the internet for a work project, shut it down and resist opening a browser.

Another way to quit multitasking is to develop a deep work skill.

Make Your Time Count

Now that you’ve put an end to multi-tasking it’s time to focus on what is important. To concentrate on what you are currently working on requires some additional steps:

Start by identifying goals for the job, such as multiple mini goals for a lengthy project or a final goal for a simple assignment.

Make a list of the goals so you can check them off as they are completed for your satisfaction.

Give yourself a deadline so you are more likely to meet that mark.

By concentrating on the project you need to complete, even when you aren’t actively working on it, your brain is. This will help you hammer out details and battle roadblocks so you can get more done with the time you are allotted.

Time Management Training in Alaska

If you are interested in getting more done, Northern Industrial Training, LLC can help with time management training. We offer this professional training at our three campuses in Alaska in Palmer, Jber, and Anchorage. Contact NIT online to request information about registering for time management courses.

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