Safety First! How Safety Training Can Save Your Life

Whether you are interested in being a truck driver, pipe welder, mechanic or computer programmer, there is one type of training you need. Safety training is universal for all career types, and it ensures you will be able to have a long and prosperous career. But where do you start? After all, the safety issues of a trucker are far different from safety concerns of computer programmers. To help you get Started with the right safety training, consider the top safety courses available at Northern Industrial Training in Alaska.

Driving Safety Courses

Anyone who is involved in truck driving, customer service routes, or commuting for work in Alaska needs to take a driving safety course. NIT offers driving safety for defensive driving, truck driving, and winter driving, which is paramount for our seasonal driving conditions.

First Aid and CPR Certification

One way to stand out on your job application for any occupation is to have First Aid and CPR training. This type of training is beneficial in all working environments. You will even be able to protect your family and community when you receive certification in First Aid and CPR.

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has developed a safety course called HAZWOPER for workers at hazardous sites. Occupations ranging from hazmat truckers to oil pipe welders will want to sign up for the HAZWOPER safety course and certification at NIT.

Alaska Safety and Environmental Field Safety

The professional needs of workers in the Alaska North Slope involve dealing with unique safety concerns unlike those in any other region. NIT offers training based on NSTC (North Slope Training Cooperative) Curriculum that covers Alaska Safety and Environmental Field safety handbooks. This safety training covers information vital to offshore workers on marine vessels and oil rig platforms, such as pipe welders.

OSHA Certification and Generalized Safety Training

Another way to get an advantage on your job applications is to exceed the expectations of future employees. Advanced safety courses available at NIT offer that exact opportunity. NIT has safety training for construction, traffic control flagging, fall protection, aerial lift, lockout/tagout, confined space entry, and many more. Our safety training courses include OSHA industry training courses and certifications. Each course provides you with specialized safety training combined with a performance evaluation to ensure you are prepared to use your training in the field.

Safety Training in Alaska

If you are ready to stay safe in the workplace with safety training in Alaska, we are here to help. We will teach you the skills and resources you need to protect yourself and your fellow employees in industrialized work environments. Contact Northern Industrial Training, LLC to register for safety training classes today!

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