The Importance of Computer Skills in the 21st Century

A decade ago typing classes were still considered electives and Facebook was still a novelty item as it was only three years old. Fast-track to today’s 21st-century world where we use handheld computers in the form of smartphones and tablets to do everything from pay the bills to communicate with friends. Computers have quite literally taken over. If you are considering a career in computers, or you need to amp up your computer skills, the best time to get started is now.

Basic Computer Skills for Today

According to British Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, computer skills are “the grammar of the 21st-century.” But what does this mean for you? Which computer skills should you learn and focus on? First, you have the basics. Basic computer skills include knowing how to use a computer for communicating, creating documents, and using applications. As for learning how to code and fix computers, those skills involve computer science, which is a more advanced type of computer processing.

Computer Software Skills

Software that you should pick up for your computer skill set covers everything from Microsoft Office to Outlook. However, you should also learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation, format documents with Word, and organize data using Excel. There are so many types of software and applications, with dozens more developed every week, that you really want to have a good grasp on the elementals. From there you will be able to learn computer skills as needed.

In your personal life, you can expect to use a computer for social media and online searches. For your professional goals prepare to create and share computer-generated reports and documents. It’s all a part of the life we live in this 21st-century world.

Computer Skills Classes in Alaska

Ready to kickstart your computer skills in Alaska? Here at Northern Industrial Training, LLC. we offer Microsoft Certified training, as well as computer basics, project management fundamentals, and Adobe classes. We provide individual courses, as well as computer skills boot camp to take you from not knowing how to turn a computer on to becoming a click-savvy computer whiz.

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