The Variety of Job Options for Welders

Welding jobs are widely available in most industries from trucking to food production. If you are considering a career as a welder you are among a growing occupation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the welding industry expects to add 14,400 new welding jobs by 2024. Jump right into this growing field by getting the proper training as a welder. Here are a couple of the most popular welding occupations and what type of coursework you need to focus on for each one.

Structural Welding

If you want to be a welder who puts up massive structures and important buildings, then structural welding is the field for you. This job involves welding steel frameworks and metal structures. Industries hiring structural welding include aerospace, nuclear, mining, and oil and gas. You can also find work in equipment repair, as well as steel fabrication, when you have trained to be a structural welder. Northern Industrial Training, LLC will kick start your career with structural welding. You also want to take courses in fabrication welding and advanced welding to boost your experiences and increase job prospects.

Pipe Welding

One of the most popular and highest in-demand jobs for welders is pipeline welding or pipe welding. This occupation involves welding together steel pipe that is used for everything from oil and water distribution to transporting natural gas. Without pipe welders the US infrastructure would collapse. Pipeline welders are needed to fabricate pipe. As well as to maintain and repair existing pipelines. Here at NIT we provide classes in pipe welding that will give you the tools and skill set needed to take on a career as a pipeline welder. We also recommend our advanced welding and aluminum welding courses to help you hone your skills.

Expert Welders

To make the most money as a welder you want to focus on being an expert in your profession. The NIT courses available in our vocational and continuing education departments will provide you with that opportunity. Our courses for welders include:

  • Structural Welding
  • Pipe Welding
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Fabrication Welding
  • Advanced Welding
  • Ultimate Welding

Consider which courses work best for your career goals right now. Whether you are just starting out as a beginner welder or you have a few years of on the job experience, we can help you advance your career. Contact Northern Industrial Training in Alaska and we will help you get started.

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