What It Takes to be a Service Oiler in Alaska

One of the most crucial jobs in the heavy equipment industry is a service oiler. Just like fuel, without oil a piece of machinery will not be operational. However, you need proper training in order to provide this type of service. Whether you want to be a marine oiler, a commercial oiler, or an employee who provides oiling services in addition to your main job, you can benefit from the service oiler training available at Northern Industrial Training, LLC.

Basic Job Skills Needed for Oilers

The obvious skill you will need to learn is how to properly oil and lubricate different types of machinery and equipment. Yet that is only the tip of the iceberg. You will also be required to have fundamental training as an auto or diesel mechanic. This provides you with the knowledge needed to maintain and repair lubrication parts as needed.

Additionally, you will need the following skill sets:

  • Basic welding
  • Working with electrical circuits
  • Servicing operational parts of equipment including clutches, hydraulics, steering, transmissions, drive shaft assemblies, etc.
  • Handling and changing wheels and tires on heavy trucks
  • Working with heavy truck and equipment batteries
  • Charging and cranking systems
  • Understanding tools and fasteners, and how to compile your own tool box as a service oiler

You may also want to pursue your commercial driver’s license, as many service oil jobs require you to have a valid Class A or B CDL. This is necessary for you to test-drive or operate commercial vehicles after you have completed your oil service duties.

Advanced Skills for Service Oilers

As you expand your job opportunities as a service oiler, there are some certifications and trainings you will want to add to your resume. These include OSHA forklift safety certification, First Aid/CPR/AED training, and HAZWOPER training. By including these specialties into your training, you will position yourself to find better paying service oiler jobs.

Service Oiler Classes in Alaska

So how do you accomplish all of this training? By attending service oiler classes in Alaska. Here at NIT we provide 380 hours of training in service oiler skills. More than half of this time is spent with hands-on application. Additionally, we offer those specializations and certifications noted here, as well as OSHA 30 Hour General Industry plus Qualified Rigger and Signal Person training.

Contact Northern Industrial Training

Our goal at Northern Industrial Training in Alaska is to prepare you for the best start in your new career as a service oiler. Contact our office today at 1-888-367-648 to reach our main campus in Palmer, AK. We also have training for service oilers at our Anchorage location, available at 907-743-7700.

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